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What Is The Best Way To Increase User Reviews And App Ratings?

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What Is The Best Way To Increase User Reviews And App Ratings?

With the advancement in technology, everyone started to use the smartphone for accessing every information from the internet. Business and organization tend to improve the customer experience with introducing apps for the smartphone. Reaching out to more number of customers or viewers becomes more comfortable with the use of the apps for their business or organization. Various digital marketing techniques are available for quickly increasing the traffic for a website or app. Concentrating on user reviews and ratings becomes quite a valuable option.


to choose an app from the Play Store or Apple store, about 90% of users the take decision based on the rating and 79% views the reviews. When the ratings and reviews of an app are good, then it is likely to attract more number of customers to the maximum. Ratings and reviews play a vital role in the modern-day while downloading an app. Whether a person likes to download a restaurant-based app, shopping app, games or any other, he or she would be first seeing the ratings and reviews.

Why Ratings And Reviews Are Outstanding?

Ratings and reviews are the best way for boosting the exposure of your App in the app store. When you have a large number of responses for your App, then it leads to more downloads accordingly. Ratings and reviews of the app also address the User Feedback in a much more excellent way. Reviews also resolve more issues, and it would automatically increase the user chance for ratings.

Updating App Reviews:

App Growth is quite a significant decision with the level of competition in the App store. One of the first thing that most of the visitors looks while searching for the app is the overall ratings. Then people like to see the reviews about the app. Reading the feedback about the app mainly helps in deciding whether they could trust the product or not.

How To Improve User Reviews And Ratings:

  • Building A Great Product:

The main goal for the success of a business is to provide the fundamental value and quality products for the customers. Apps are mainly useful for promoting your business to the users and giving a better option for understanding your business, buying products or services, customer support and many others. Make sure that the user understands the value of the product. Creating a user-friendly and functional app without any bugs would be more significant aspects. It improves the User Experience. Usually, making your customers happy with the apps especially allows you to get positive ratings and reviews.

  • Keep Improving Your App:

Updating your app according to the trends, along with the feedback provided by the user, is the right choice. In fact, it is quite an efficient option for providing excellent value for the user. Sometimes the negative reviews given by the customers or users can also have great ideas, and you could also improve the features like a roadmap, for instance.

  • Encourage Feedback:

Every business tends to have a significant improvement in the App Store and search engine in the top ranking. Attaining the top position is not a simple process as you could find thousands and thousands of app based on your category. When your app has more number of ratings and reviews, then it would attract more number of users. Ask your user to leave the feedback on your app. Reading all the positive and negative reviews is quite necessary. Engaging the user to keep up the conversation in private is also advisable.

  • Identifying Highly Engaged Users:

This is one of the most crucial steps that you need to concentrate on. Not everyone who is using the app will have positive reviews. Some people would get bored or could experience the bug problems, so they likely to uninstall the app. Identify the most engaged and happiest users for asking their feedback.

  • Use Of The App Review Plugin:

One of the easiest and quickest ways for getting the app review is to ask the user within the app. You could also add the turn-key plugins in the Android and iOS for making it drop-dead simple.

Why Ratings and Reviews Matter in App Store Optimization

Final Thoughts:

User feedback such as ratings and reviews are most essential for building successful strategies. It also has a direct impact on ASO, which is the store ranking algorithms to create the top charts. Having a good number of ratings and reviews would automatically increase the growth of your business. People of the modern age tends to seek the best app with good ratings and reviews.

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