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Top Hyper Casual Mobile games that earn fame

Top Hyper Casual Mobile games that earn fame

Hyper Casual mobile games are ruling the app store market in present time. There is a great hike of a wave related to this game category. The marketing team investing a good amount of dollar for the paid user acquisition.

This give rise to good amount of downloads. All the publishers are test these games in a deep manner with the help of KPI i.e. Key Performance Indicators. There is measuring of different days like day 1/ day2 & day 3 with the various marketing campaigns. This type of games actually ruling out the chart.

Hyper Casual games are actually in the high priority for killing the free time. In this blog you would be introduced to some top hyper casual games publishers that make the great revenue.

  • Voodoo
  • Lion Studios
  • Playgendary
  • Good Job Games
  • Ketchapp
  • Amanotes
  • Cheetah
  • Crazy Labs
  • Madbox
  • SayGames
  • Tastypill
  • Kwalee

Hyper Casual Games Empire the App Store:

There is no doubt that as the hyper casual games rise up, the market also boom up that give out the high ROI ie Return On Investment through downloads. On the basis of revenue share model, the publishing deals are done.

For the small teams, it is better to team up to compete with big publishers. Considering pitching publishers your game could be considered to see where the game truly fly high.

As you can easily track that Voodoo makes the 150% more downloads as compare to others. The average factor for Voodoo is 8.5 games per day. In the month it was 13 times positioned on number one.

Ratings that are Worth Investing!

To get the information we looked at the top 50 games rank spots in the iOS chart in USA. This chart show how good these publishers are. 

Some publishers made money through in App purchasing. Through showing an advertisement, the bulk of revenue comes from. As compare to those top grosser like supercell, it the benefit of publisher to produce & launch the game at faster rate.

So this is a small information about the hyper casual game publishers. Hope you get useful information. So don’t forget to comment to share your own thoughts.

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