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Grade 1 Which countries included in Grade 1 List

United State & Japan are include in Grade 1 List

Grade 2 Which countries included in Grade 2 List

Russia, South Korea, Taiwan & United Kingdom are included in Grade 2 List

Grade 3 Which countries included in Grade 3 List

Australia, Canada, France & Germany are include in Grade 3 List

Grade 4 Which countries included in Grade 4 List

Brazil, Switzerland, Thailand, India, Israel, Italy, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & Vietnam are include in Grade 4 List

Grade 5 Which countries included in Grade 5 List

Indonesia, Belgium, Brunei, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Macau, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia & Ukraine are include in Grade 5 List

01 FAQ We Uplift Your App in the Top Charts Category.

Be Discovered by Potential Users, Attract Organic Traffic and Be Visible in the App Market.

02 FAQ What is a Top Chart?

Top Chart: Trending List of Apps doing well in Market.
Pinning Apps on Top Charts bring Increased Visibility.

03 FAQ App's duration on Top Charts?

2 Hours!
After that It Decreases GRADUALLY and not INSTANTLY.

04 FAQ What are the benefits of Top Chart?

Top Charts bring:
1. Hiked Visibility
2. Hiked Notice
3. Hiked Installs

05 FAQ How Reliable Top Charts are?

Trustworthy it is!
Top Charts Rank Your App based on the number of Installs, creating a reliable Score of your App.

06 FAQ What is the logic behind Working of Top Charts ?

Applying Algorithms well!
Intelligent Algorithms with Targetted Optimisation help in making Top Charts Entry succesful.

07 FAQ By when Shall I expect my App in Top Chart?

You Pick the Date you want to see Your App on Top Charts and We will pick the optimum time of that Day.

08 FAQ Which Apps Qualify for Top Charts?

Any Category Free iOS Apps and iOS Games.

09 FAQ Am I making a Right Decision?

Seeking Top Charts is alway A Right Decision.
We promise Refund if Your App reflects in 4-6 Ranking instead of 1-3.

10 FAQ Number of Installs my App needs for Top Chart Display?

500+ Installs are good to go! TheMobiASO Team provides same to you!

11 FAQ Is Top Chart different from Ranking?

Top Charts and Ranking works towards the Same Goal. Top Charts helps App from All Categories. Particular Category of Apps are helped by Ranking.

12 FAQ Really ? You Guarantee ? How its possible ?

Yes, We guarantee !! Recently we found harry potter stick for this miracle 🙂 (LoL). This is possible based on Alogathim game. App Store Rank change into each 2 hour & we will push lot of install to get app rank into top list.

So its possible !!

13 FAQ What will happen after app ranked ?

You can imagine about it 🙂 When your app will be into Top 3. High chance to app featured by App Store. Thousands impression & Maybe Thousands Installs.

14 FAQ Do you charge 100% Upfront ?

Yes, we charge 100% Upfront based on agreement. Some time we charge 50% Upfront & pending after rank.

15 FAQ Do you make any agreement ? Is refund if app not ranked ?

Yes, we always make agreement before process this step. If your app not show under committed category we will refund or give this service again.